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eDriftTrikes builds and sells high performance electric drift trikes. We host corporate/private events as well as public events throughout the Bay Area, CA. Our mission is to promote the sport of drifting and enable a broad audience to experience the thrilling sensation of being “out of control while in control.”

Did you know?


Like many other Silicon Valley startup stories, eDriftTrikes was started in a garage!

Why do business with us?


We specialize in building electric drift trikes. All of the parts that we design in-house are manufactured here in the USA by professional fabrication shops. Our trikes have gone through many iterations because we drift our trikes hard and we drift them often! Hosting local events allows us to test and validate our products with a large and diverse sample size. If a product is displayed in our shop, it’s because it’s survived through some serious abuse.

Customer Support & Community

When you make a purchase or ride with us at one of our events, you're not just getting a product or service - you're also getting our time. We dedicate this time to helping you. Whether it be providing online product documentation, offering live one-to-one tech support, providing return/warranty service, etc., you have our promise that we'll do our best to earn your satisfaction.

Drift triking is a niche sport. That's not how it should be! One of our goals is to help build up proper communities and get people together that love to drift in a safe & fun environment. We've met so many interesting people along the way and have built friendships with some of the kindest, most genuine individuals through the sport. Consider this your invitation - come, join us!

... we have a 100% smile conversion rate!


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