Electric Bikes

Where will you go?

Electric bikes allow you to go farther, faster, and experience more. It’s a license for freedom and a celebration of independence. Skip the traffic! Explore the path less traveled or if you are pressed for time, take that shortcut through the park and side streets. Wherever your destination, an ebike will transform your journey and open up a whole new world of two wheeled adventures.  

Cruiser eBike

Cruise in style


Speed: 23 mph

Range: 25-35 miles

Charge Time: 4-6 hours


Improved Stealth Performance Without the Stealth Price


Speed: 40-50 mph

Range: 25-40 miles

Charge Time: 4-6 hours

Custom Build

We Build To Your Spec

Starting at $2000

Speed: Custom

Range: Custom

Charge Time: Custom

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